Round products from wet clay: buy the best machine there is at VSM.




VSM (short for V. Speet Metaalbewerking B.V.) is a small company based in Nieuwkoop near Amsterdam airport. We do: 3-D CAD Design, machining parts, assembly, PLC programmes and take machines into full service. We also have strategic partnerships with our larger projects.


Vincent Speet founded the company in 1984. We started our machine building in 1986 and moved in 2003 into a new building in the same village on 1200m2 surface.


We specialize in spraying machinery and CNC Pressing machinery for the ceramics industry. Thanks to more than 30 years of experience developing innovative machines we are able to find solutions for any specific production problem in these fields.


We make the machines to the specification of the client and the employees, this -coupled with the outstanding product quality enables customers- to get maximum service. We can provide this unique service because of our outstanding technical staff who have expert knowledge an our special engineered assemblies together with our optimized modular systems. Furthermore our direct communication lines are a big advantage in developing machines.


With our innovative and creative ideas, our development team, the use of high-tech systems and advanced machinery we are able to create new applications. We provide an initial consultation service, turn key delivery and commissioning of machines along with full training of personnel, maintenance and problem solving are of course the key items here.


Quality from VSM is not only good product quality, but also good advice and proper handling of the order. Furthermore after-sale practice is a renowned quality of VSM.

VSM started machine building in 1986, and in 2003 expanded the business with a new building.